Open Space + Wild West  + Your Intention
= Fresh Start

Because I know you are ready to kickstart your creativity. 

Because you are one who boldly jumps into your creative expression and you want to create a new story for 2018 — not the one you’ve been living last year — I want to invite you to come to the desert. 

Let’s claim your New Story and New Self together!

Are you ready to finally unleash your unique gifts,
your wild energy and your fiery dreams?

It’s time to awaken and activate your core power in this daylong creativity celebration and ceremony.

Nurture your essence, then take it forth and burn bright so you can step out as a leader in your field, your industry — your life.

All this, in one day.

I can hear you right now.

“One day?

Not in the desert, where time stops. Expands. 

Where the pure air inspires intense clarity commitment.

Where light shifts and shimmers with a cosmic pulse.

Where the space gives you room to imagine a new way to be.

And the quality of silence fills you with fresh focus, energy — and possibility

Hear from Alice Live

I’ve been waiting a long time for the right place, right time, and your wild willingness to make this offer.

If you are ripe for this moment, sign up now.

Set your own unique intention for this transformative retreat.

You can apply what we wake up, what we release, to every part of your life — livelihood, health wellness, relationships, business, or lighting up your creative self. 

Why is this important for you?  

Because you set your own desired transformations for the retreat to get out of it what you came for. 

We will spend three hours together in the morning.

This session is all about awakening and sharpening your unique edge to get you inspired and to ignite the spark within you. If you know me, you know there will be writing on the spot.

We will tap your distinctive creativity and much more — depending on the group.

Creativity is a living force.

What happens this day will depend on everyone’s intention and how it all weaves together. 

Then we will break for lunch. You’ll be on your own, to adventure by yourself or with others. 

Then we will spend a second three hours together in the afternoon for more inspired creating, writing, and crafting your own personal plan of action so you leave not only inspired, but with a roadmap to your future, vibrant self.

In order to truly activate your new creation vision and inspired plan — we will end the retreat with the unforgettable experience of a desert sunset and a walk in the Joshua Tree Monument national park — only minutes away by foot — and a powerful closing ritual.

Hear from Sarah live at the Retreat

By the end of the day,
you will experience:

  • A fiery new relationship with WORDS

  • A fiery new relationship with YOURSELF

  • A fiery new relationship with OTHERS

  • A fiery new relationship with SPIRIT

You will also magically experience your intention become reality.

You will clearly see how your intention has revealed not only the creative spark — but the plan to do it.

Magic milagros — miracles — happen in the desert. 

Because your desire burns strong enough for true, deep change.

This is what we will call into existence.   

It’s time to break down barriers and release your story.

This is an energetically charged workshop.

You will feel the call — if you’re meant to be here.

I’d love for you to come join us! 

You’ll get the whole day, plus a 30-min coaching call
one week after the retreat to integrate
the information you received
FOR JUST $600!

Crash Into Honesty

Angie Weihs

Free from Resistance

Laura aka Lyrical Labcoat

There are 7-10 spots available. 

I’ll know when we have the right group together because the energy will tell me when to close it.

If you’re feeling the call, let me know if you have any questions and want to quick get on the phone. 

Send an email with I DESIRE CHANGE in the subject line and we’ll set up a time to talk. 

Let’s claim your New Story and New Self together, in this inspiring location.

The world needs your authentic voice, your story, your unique message more than ever. 

If you feel called, send me an email:

Or send a text to this desert phone:  (310) 779-9545.

I can’t wait to leap into the rest of this new year with you. 

You will leave ready for inspired action, forged in the mystical vibrations of the Mojave, the power of our group alchemy, and your burning desire for change. 

Let’s rise from the desert retreat as warriors of words and of fiery love. 

Let’s shake up your old story and old self, let’s turn it upside down and inside out —
then let’s change the world.